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UFO sightings from United States

Numerous reports of unidentified flying objects have been made in the US over the years. Some of these are well-documented and famous sightings.

In 1947, a strange incident occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, where it is believed that an unidentified object crashed. Some people believe that this was a cover-up for an alien spacecraft.

In 1952, several unidentified flying objects were spotted flying over Washington DC. The military was then alerted and deployed fighter planes to intercept the objects, though they were not able to find them.

In 1997, thousands of people reported seeing a massive triangular spacecraft flying over various areas in Arizona. The object was reported to have bright lights, similar to stadium lights. The incident generated a lot of publicity, but the military did not find a clear explanation as to why the object was flying.

In 2008, several people in Stephenville, Texas claimed to have seen a massive silent and moving object flying in the sky. Although the FAA investigated the incident, it did not find a reason for the sightings.

In 2006, a group of employees of Chicago’s O’Hare International airport reported seeing a saucer shaped object flying over the facility. The object was reportedly about the size of an airplane. No official explanation was given, and the incident caused the airport’s control tower to temporarily close.

It should be noted that many of these incidents are attributed to misidentification of the flying objects or natural phenomena. However, there are cases where eyewitnesses can be supported by evidence such as experienced pilots.

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